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His work

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Colour, passion and the mystery of his native ground are the basic elements of Filiberto’s paintings, all of them sieved through the life experience of the artist.

The long years lived abroad gave him that final touch of serenity, so abundantly present in his work. Considered as a painter of surrealistic and abstract movements, he cannot be classified for his very particular way of creating a unique and colourful pictorial language full of movements, power, spirit and textures.

While his own all times favourites are flowers, which remain the main pillar of his work, Filiberto initiated the creation of a “Black and White” collection back in 2001, in his weekend house of Palm Springs, California. His main source of inspiration was the glamour, the mysticism and the mysterious atmosphere that surrounded Hollywood stars during the golden years, which he extended through his art to famous personalities from other worlds and horizons like Maria Callas, Frida Kahlo and Maria Felix but also to more anonymous others.

The starting point and primary objective of any of his painting is to create a powerful mural with soul and texture. He therefore almost always pre-treats his canvas covering them with successive layers of a rich mixture of oil paint and sand. The sand used for his “Black and White” collection came from the Palm Springs desert and symbolises the link between Human Beings, Earth and Art, but his more recent creations made in Germany were born on a layer of softer river sand, mainly from the Rhine, hiding under a strong Mexican artistic layer a bit of the soul and ground of each of his paintings “birth place” and aligning them to the local flows of energies connecting Earth, Art and local Human Beings to each others. An interesting anecdotic consequence of using this technique is the accelerated wear caused by the sand on the brushes, which makes it takes a completely new set of brushes for each new painting and turns each one of them in something even more unique than what the eye actually could catch.

Filiberto’s hope is to reflect through each single piece of his art the beauty of living in harmony with nature, with absolute respect for her integrity, whether nature would refer to flowers, successful or distressed Human Beings.