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Filiberto Montesinos lives today in Stuttgart, Germany. He is member of the German Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK).  Many testimonies about his work and collaborations can be found searching with “Filiberto Montesinos” on Google.


    • – 2nd International contemporary art fair ART3F Strasbourg, France
    • – 29th International Art Exhibition FORM-A(R)T , “Marcellin Verbe” House, Glinde near Hamburg, Germany
    • “Exhibition of Members” at the BBK Artists’ House Karlsruhe, Germany
    • – 6th International contemporary art fair ART3F Luxembourg, LuxExpo the Box, Luxembourg
    • – 5th International contemporary art fair ART3F Haute-Savoie, La Roche s/ Foron, France
    • – 29th International Art Exhibition ARTE BINNINGEN, Binningen (Basel), Switzerland


      • – International contemporary art fair ART3F at MEETT Parc des Expositions, Toulouse, France
      • – 28th international art exhibition FORM-A(R)T at “Marcellin Verbe” Centre,  Glinde near Hamburg, Germany
      • – Group Exhibition in the Global Art Gallery of Tongeren in Belgium
      • – Group Exhibition at the Thomson Gallery of Zug, in Switzerland, which also exhibited his work at the annual Swiss Art Expo event in the hall of the Zürich main station.
      • -5th International contemporary art fair ART3F Luxembourg, LuxExpo the Box, Luxembourg
      • – Group exhibition “Neue Mitglieder” at the BBK Künstlerhaus of Karlsruhe, Germany
      • – 6th International contemporary art fair ART3F Brussels, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium





      • – “IMPRONTE D’ARTE“, Merlino Gallery, Florence, Italy 
      • 41st Art Prize of the Cultural Foundation of the Karlsruhe Savings Bank, Karlsruhe, DE.
      • – “MONDI ONIRICI”, Mentana Gallery, Florence, Italy
      • “DIALOG 18” an exhibition of the Kalina Gallery in the “Stadtresidenz” of Landshut, DE.
      • – 6th edition of the international Art exhibition “KUNST SCHIMMER“, Ulm, Germany
      • – “DENTRO L’ARTE”, Merlino Gallery, Florence, Italy
      • – “FRÜHLING”, Solo exhibition in the Sana Clinic Bethesda of downtown Stuttgart, Germany
      • – “RIVELAZIONI”, Merlino Gallery, Florence, Italy
      • – Latin American group exhibition in the City Hall of Saint Mandé (Paris), France
      • – International art exhibition organised by GLOBAL ART in the Belfry of Bruges, Belgium
      • – International contemporary art fair ART3F, Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon, France
      • – Group exhibition “OCASSUS” in the Art galleryof Cintalapa de Figueroa, Chiapas, United States of Mexico
      • – International contemporary art fair ART3F, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium
      • – Group exhibition “BEST OF 2017-2018” in the UPdateGallery of Bonn, Germany






      •  From the 438 artworks submitted this year for the Art Prize organised by the Cultural Foundation of the Karlsruhe Savings Bank (Germany), the jury retained Filiberto’s diptych titled “Sentimientos” as one of the 72 best works selected for the 36th Art Prize exhibition of the cultural foundation of the Bank, which was this year themed “Between Spaces“ and took place from March to April.
      • – In April, he participated to the 3rd edition of “Kunst in Weert“, an Art Event during which works of more than 50 artists were displayed along an interesting Art route crossing the entire city of Weert, in the South of the Netherlands.
      • – Selected artworks of Filiberto were on display at the “Lê Art Gallery” of Groningen, in the Netherlands, from June to August 2013.
      • – In July, he joined a group of 10 fellow artists from Belgium and the Netherlands for “Kunst In De Kerk” (Art in de Church); a group exhibition in the beguinage church of the city of Tongeren, in the Belgian province of Limburg.
      • – From July to September, Filiberto participated for the third consecutive year to the collective exposition of Mexican visual artists and photographers, and foreign artists friends of Mexico, organized by the Consulate General of Mexico in Frankfurt under the theme Mexico: A Journey Through History
      • – In August, he participated to the 2nd International Global Art exposition in Tongeren, Belgium.
      • From October to November, he participated to a group exhibition at the cultural center “de Velinx” in the city of Tongeren, Belgium.
      • Mid-October, he participated to the international art fair of Zurich (Art Zürich), Switzerland, with the Kalina gallery from Regen in Bavaria, Germany.
      • In November he participated to the 20th edition of Art Taipei in Taiwan, with the LDX Artodrome Gallery from Berlin.


      •  From the 13th to the 15th of January, he participated to «Art Event» at the convention centre of Namur in Belgium
      • From the 16th of March until the 13th of April, solo exhibition at the Coghen Art Gallery of Brussels, Belgium
      • In May, he participated to “Kunst in Weert“, an art event organised by fellow artist Lilian Creemers in the city of Weert, in the Southern part of the Netherlands.
      • From April until June – Guest artist of the Global Art gallery in Tongeren, Belgium
      • Artist of the month June at the Kalina gallery of Regen near Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany
      • From July to September – “Mexico, land of natural wonders” – 2nd collective exhibition of Mexican visual artists & photographers, and foreign artists friends of Mexico at the General Consulate of Mexico In Frankfurt, Germany
      • Berliner Liste 2012, fair for contemporary art at the MUMA in Berlin, Germany.
      • From September until October – “Stimme der Erde, Stimme des Himmels” (Voice of the Earth, Voice of Heaven), group exhibition of Latin American artists organized during the Ibero-American Cultural Festival of Esslingen-Stuttgart-Tübingen, Germany.
      • From the 13th till the 28th of October, international group exhibition organised by “Global Art” in the beguinage church of Tongeren, Belgium
      • From the 22nd to the 25th of November 2012, works of Filiberto were on display at the Artists’ Gallery of Southern Germany’s biggest creative fair – “Kreativ & Bastelwelt” – in Stuttgart.
      •  On Thursday, the 27th of December 2012, the municipal government of Cintalapa (Chiapas, Mexico), headed by its President Antonio Valdez Meza, expressed his gratitude to Filiberto for having excelled and contributed to the high reputation of Cintalapa in the state of Chiapas, in the Mexican Federation and far outside the borders of Mexico.


      • In May and June Solo exhibition in the Julio Cortázar gallery of the « Casa Blů » in Prague, Czech Republic
      • In June – August, group exhibition « México – En el ombligo del Mundo » at the General Consulate of Mexico in Frankfurt , Germany
      • – From the 1st to the 10th of September, group exhibition ARTRA 2011 at the “atelier Z” of the cultural centre “Christiane Peugeot” in Paris, France
      • – From the 1st to the 15th of October, DIALOG 2011, a group exhibition organized by the Kalina gallery at the « Kapuzinerstadl » of the city of Deggendorf in Bavaria, Germany.
      • – From the 8th of October to the 7th of November, « Viva México », a group exhibition organized by curator Adelinda Allegretti at the ATA hotel in Varese, Italy, under the patronage of the Mexican Embassy in Rome and its Consulate in Milan.
      • – From the 9th to the 11th of December, “Kunst & Living” in the exhibition center AHOY in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.



      • From January till February, solo exhibition at the Gallery “El Pacifico” in Stuttgart, Germany
      • In March, Exhibition at the Gallery Steiner – Art & Wine of downtown Vienna, Austria.
      • In August, Filiberto works in cooperation with the Gallery Angerer of Vomperbach near Schwaz in Tirol,Austria.
      • From October to December – Solo exhibition in the Mexican Cultutal Institute of the Mexican Embassy in Vienna, Austria


In June, important parts of his collections were simultaneously on display at the Corinna Steiner Gallery of Vienna, Austria and the Star Gallery of Böblingen near Stuttgart, Germany.


      • In January, he participated to “Station Antwerp”, a fascinating exhibition combining trend-setting fashion brands and art in the shunting station of Antwerp, Belgium, which fitted within the first edition of the Benelux fashion week.
      • In May, his work was displayed during a solo exhibition at the Artipasta gallery of downtown Brussels.
      • In July, he contributed to the set design of Rigoletto, for the Jovellanos theatre of Gijón, Spain.
      • From November till March 2008, part of his “Black and White” collection was exposed for the very first time in Europe with some of his most breathtaking flowers during a collective exhibition at “Annother Art Gallery” in Aartselaar close to Antwerp, Belgium.


      • In February, his art could be seen for the first time in Belgium during a solo exhibition at the Espac’ Art gallery of Mons, for which he received rave reviews from the local press.
      • A solo exhibition was inaugurated in June at the Mexican Embassy to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, in Brussels.
      • In July, he participated to the design of another opera set, La Traviata, which was programmed by the aforementioned theatre Jovellanos, and repeated at the Opera of Vigo, Spain, in March 2007.
      • From December 2006 till February 2007, several of his paintings were on display at the K-Galerie of the Bavarian capital, Munich, Germany.


      • In May, his solo exhibition “Susurro Edenico“ took place at the fashion and art space “L-7 Set“ in Madrid, Spain, for which he conceded an interview to the “Radio Nacional Exterior de España“.
      • In July, he designed the set for a new production of the opera “La Bohème“, under the patronage of the Jovellanos theatre of Gijón and several of his paintings were displayed at the Tioda art gallery of Gijón, Spain.
      • In September, he participated to the 6th edition of the “Independent Art Fair” of Madrid (FAIM).


      • Filiberto was honoured as “Best New Artist of the Year” in Los Angeles by “Padres Contra el Cancer” during “El Sueño de Esperanza” with commendations from US Vice President Dick Cheney and other notables.
      • As a member of the Society of Artist Painters his work could be seen during two years at the Desert Art Centre of Palm Springs.


      • He received rave reviews for his one-man art shows at the Dragon Gallery in Nyack, New York and in Amagansett in the Hamptons, New York.


      • His work was the hit of “Latin Style,” the welcome party for the 1st Annual Latin Grammy’s in Los Angeles


      • He participated to the “Viva” project with an exhibition at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza in Los Angeles.
      • He also organized an exhibition called “Night of Hope” in the “House of Blues”, Los Angeles, California.


    • His work was exhibited during the 27th “Anniversary Ball Auction” in Los Angeles, California.